How to check for Activation Lock before buying a used iPhone

These are the brief and simplified guides that you can consider without causing your head some trouble in terms of making wise decision before buying a used iPhone.

Guides on How to Check for Activation Lock

  • Before buying a used iPhone, you have to make sure if the seller knows how to unlock the device. If not, then probably the device is just stolen from someone. For you to make sure that the device can be unlocked, the seller must unlock in front of you the device using his Apple ID for iCloud activation.
  • The iPhone unlock should enable the screen of the device for immediate appearance of icons. Ask the seller to unlock the device and share the password, pattern or combination of numbers to you, and afterwards you can just reset the password.
  • The seller must know the icloud bypass. It means that he should be able to remove his present iCloud account saved in the device. In doing so, apps such as calls and WiFi can be activated already.

These are the guides which will definitely help you to make a wise decision before buying a used iPhone. So if you want to have a good iPhone even though it is already used, consider the following guides mentioned in this article.