Pangu iOS 9.1 for Cydia

As Apple is planning to release iOS 9.2 soon after its beta releases, all are anxiously waiting for the jailbreak community to receive iOS 9.1 jailbreak soon. Reporters and rumors too reports, that Taig and Pangu which are the teams that battling to be the first with a new jailbreak tool always are worrying as they still couldn’t reach the jailbreak possibility of iOS 9.1. But, we are lucky enough to hope the jailbreak iOS 9.1 as they won’t give up even with a forceful security system like “Rootless” which was first met us on iOS 9.0. Anyhow, even Taig too stands there, most are looking for Pangu iOS 9.1 as they were the only jailbreak team who approach the iOS 9 series. Also, as Taig and the Keen team which was announced to be there with the first jailbreak of them failed their effort Pangu could be there with the Windows and the Mac jailbreak tools as well. Therefore, it seems mostly that the upcoming tool will be Pangu iOS 9 in the near future.

Pangu iOS 9.1

Pangu jailbreak

We don’t need to explain you about Pangu as it is the jailbreak tool which allows you to Cydia download on your iOS 9.0 devices as the recent current jailbreak tool. So as you already know, Pangu jailbreak could attain the Mac OS X jailbreak possibility as well by drawing the responsibility of Mac users to jailbreak their iOS devices without compiling a virtual PC.

Jailbreak iOS 9.1

You are lucky enough if still using iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2 devices with Cydia as iOS 9.1 is not a jailbroken device unto here. As some users have upgraded their devices with iOS 9.1 without knowing that the downgrade possibility too has closed with its release, are worrying without Cydia. Therefore the best option is to stay on your usual iOS version for Pangu iOS 9.1. Even we cannot testify you that the iOS 9.1 jailbreak is Pangu iOS 9.1, we can guess with all news and rumors. Because, we already know that the jailbreak iOS 9.1 is possible as the company ZERODIUM found a winner for their $1 million bounty with a browser-based jailbreak tool. But as it won’t release to the public, we cannot expect to jailbreak iOS 9.1 with that. So, again the Pangu iOS 9.1 will be the only way to reach Cydia iOS 9.1.

Anyhow, when Pangu iOS 9.1 will arrive we will be able to jailbreak our devices on our own Mac as Pangu will resolve that for their users. Therefore, we too waiting to report you all these as soon as possible after we stabilize them after the release.