iOS 8.0 is now available for upgrade

Download iOS 8.0 on any compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod directly.

Download iOS 8 for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPods

UPDATE – Jailbreak iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3 jailbreak is now available. You can jailbreak iOS 8.0 through 8.3 devices using Taig 2.4.2 latest version. Taig is only available for Windows and Taig team seems doesn’t have an interest of releasing a tool for MAC. You can run taig on virtual machine if you are a MAC user. alternatively PP jailbreak has MAC version which is capable of jailbreak iOS 8.0 – 8.3. Download Taig and PP jailbreak.

Download iOS 8

Apple just released iOS 8.0 for public with bunch of new features and built in apps. You can upgrade your device in to iOS 8.0 at Settings > general > software update and tap the Download & install for proceed to upgrade. iOS 8.0 will start download on your device as soon as you accept the License agreement. The new iOS 8.0 upgrade weighed 1.1 GB from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8.0.

To 2014’s new jailbreakers: if you update to today’s iOS 8.0, you’ll lose your JB and won’t be able to go back to 7.x. Beware!

iOS 8 jailbreak alert

Well known iOS hacker @MuscleNerd has tweeted on his account that not to upgrade for iOS 8.0 if you love your jailbreak features. That indirectly means the Jailbreak for iOS 8.0 might be delayed. As same as he has mentioned that there will be no room for downgrade iOS 8 if you upgraded your device. The only allowance you got is if your have old iPad 2 with 4.X or 5.X blobs. Also the p0sixspwn developer has tweeted that most of kernel bugs are fixed on iOS 8.0 and that’s a clean support for MuscleNerd’s tweet. Here is the original tweet extracted from MuscleNerd’s profile.

Apple introduced their latest mobile operating system iOS 8 for developers while WWDC few days back. This release of iOS 8 is not for public. iOS 8 beta download is available only for iOS developers and it will officially release for the public this fall. iOS 8 seems to be one of the most stable and amazing iOS version so far according to the reviewers. iOS 8 has integrated with lots of new features and most of them are capable enough to kill the jailbreak interest of Apple users.

Some are predict that reputed iOS hackers has already done iOS 7.1 jailbreak but they don’t release it since Apple release iOS 8

Some specialities of iOS 8

  • Synchronize every photo and edit on all of your Apple devices via iCloud.
  • Messages enhanced with voice, video and location services.
  • Better experience in response for notifications.
  • Smart keyboard with predictable words based on your most used vocabulary.
  • FamilyShare.
  • iCloud storage expanded for any kind of file storage.
  • Inbuilt health app.
  • Great color combination for brighter view.
  • More and more support for your business.

iOS 8 compatible devices

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5c
  • iPad 2, mini, air, with retina display
  • iPod touch 5th generation.

Unfortunately it seems iOS8 doesn’t support any device below iPhone 4S and also iPad 3 also not listed in the list. But nothing to worry about iPhone 4 users. There is already have a tool for jailbreak iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4. So iPhone 4 users can jailbreak their devices with geeksnow 2.9 and iOS 7.1 will be the highest supporting iOS version on iPhone 4. You can download iOS 8 through an developer account if your device is compatible. Downgrading from iOS8 beta to iOS 7.1 or your last used iOS version also possible while beta release period. But Apple will stop signing older iOS version once they launched iOS 8 officially.

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