pangu download for iOS 9.3.3

Pangu jailbreak released for iOS 9.2 through 9.3.3 running 64 bit devices

Great news everyone! Pangu team just released their latest update for Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 to 9.2 devices. This jailbreak tool claimed to work only on 64 bit devices and still available in Chinese English version will be released soon. This release supports jailbreak iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2 and jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 final update. Download Pangu 9.3.3 and proceed for jailbreak your iPhone iPad or iPod.

PP Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3 untethered jailbreak

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Pangu 9.3.3 supported devices

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4
  • iPod touch (6G)

Prepare for iOS 9.3.3 PP Pangu jailbreak

  • Backup your device using iTunes
  • Have enough battery charge
  • Proper USB cable to connect to the PC
  • Windows running computer

How to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 using Pangu

Step 01 – Download Pangu 9.3.3 latest release and Run

Step 02 – Connect your device to the PC via data cable and wait for PP assistant detect your iPhone or iPad

Step 03 – After successful detection, Click PP Pangu jailbreak tool icon to start downloading as shown in the image below.

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 04 – After download completed, Go to Settings > General >Profiles make taps as shown below to complete the installation.

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 05 – Go to Home screen and run recently installed PP Pangu Jailbreak tool

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 06 – Tap right side button on the pop up message to enable PP Pangu jailbreak tool send push notifications, which requires as a part of iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak process.

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 07 – Click Jailbreak button to start jailbreaking process and enter to lock screen for proceed

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 07 – Wait a while until PP Pangu jailbreak tool completes the Cydia download.

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak

Step 08 – Device will restart once after everything done successfully and You will have Cydia installed on your device.


Important notes

  • “Storage capacity is almost full” warning may appear occasionally.  Just ignore it.
  • Reboot the device and have a fresh start if PP Pangu filed to complete the jailbreak process.

Pangu 9.1 Download

Pangu tool is available for Windows & MAC. Pangu Download is completely free and bundled with Latest Cydia version too. Undoubtedly the Pangu team has done a great job this time. You can download latest Pangu Jailbreak tool below and please check our iOS 9.1 jailbreak tutorial and video guide if you don’t know how to jailbreak your devices safely.

panGu video tutorial

We are still preparing the new video tutorial for iOS 9 jailbreak with Pangu 9. This older video still valid because both updates are having same jailbreak process and steps. Please refer this video if you need a better idea

Previous Pangu updates

iOS 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak for any iPhone iPad or iPod with pangu

pangu is the best freeware for iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak. pangu is compatible for any iPhone iPad or iPod running iOS 7.1 through 7.1.2. pangu released by Chinese team of iOS hackers and available for Windows and MAC. Initially PanGu was only available in Chinese, but pangu 1.1 has updated to English interface with many bug fixes and enhancements. pungu is tested and certified as a genuine jailbreak tool by most renowned iOS hackers around the world. The latest version PanGu 1.2.1 is now available with several bug fixes. Check pangu 1.2.1 changes log for new features and fixed bug details.

Pangu 9 v1.2.0 update

  • Integrated latest Cydia version.
  • Spinning preferences -> Storage&iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage” bug fixed.
  • If you have already jailbroken, please update “Pangu 9.0.x Untether” and “Patcyh” in Cydia and you’ll not need to jailbreak again.

Pangu 9 v1.1.0 update

  • Improved reliability, stability and success rate on 64 bit devices.
  • Jailbreak failure due to low disk space is fixed.
  • Enhanced the Jailbreak process speed and optimized backup feature.
  • Jailbreak failure due to abnormal network status is fixed.
  • Added re-jailbreak option for devices which incorrectly detected as already jailbroken.

Pangu 9 v1.0.1 update

  • Resolved the bug caused for 0A error code
  • Fixed launching failures on some computers
  • More stable and smooth jailbreak process and improved success rate
  • Failure to Pangu app removal after jailbreak process completed is solved

Pangu 9 v1.0.0 update

  • Released updated Pangu 9 v1.0.0 for jailbreak iOS 9 through 9.0.2 untethered.

Pangu8 MAC 1.0.0 Release

  • First release of Pangu 8 for MAC

Pangu 8 1.2.1 update

  • Bundled latest Cydia version 1.1.16
  • Cydia has fix “restore from Backup” Problem

Pangu 8 1.1 update

  • Bundled latest Cydia version
  • Fixed mobile Safari crash on 64 Bit devices
  • Jailbreak process optimized for performance
  • iMessege and SMS image sent fail error fixed
  • Respring not requires for substrate working
  • Added restore function
  • English interface

Pangu8 1.0.1 update

  • Updated for Jailbreak iOS8 and iOS 8.1. Not bundled with Cydia. Only SSH access.

Pangu 1.2.1 update

  • Just a crash fix. No need to re-jailbreak if you are already done

Pangu v1.2 changes log

  • PanGu boot loop bug fixed for iPhone4/4s.
  • Sandbox log issue fixed
  • Bundled afc2
  • Add patch for task_for_pid.
  • Add notification if jailbreak fail.

pangu updated versions – v1.1

  • Interface updated for English.
  • File size reduced from 79MB to 30MB.
  • Boot loop bug fixed.
  • Different exploits used instead of @i0n1c.
  • Online self verification added

pangu error handling

    • OTA upgraded firmware always bring los of problems for Pangu 9 jailbreak. It’s advised to restore iOS 9 using iTunes and retry if Pangu jailbreak failed to omplete the process several times.
    • “Disk is almost full” warning may occur sometimes. But don’t worry this will not affect your device or jailbreak process at all.
    • Run pangu with administrator privileges always.

Fix Pangu 8 bootloop problem

  • If you stucked in a boot loop while jailbreak your device using PanGu 1.0.0, Please use updated 1.2.0 version with a fresh start. most probably your problem will be solved.

suggestions for overcome Pangu 9 jailbreak attempt failures

  • Switch on airplane mode and retry.
  • Restart the device and as well as computer.
  • Have a fresh restore via iTunes and restart the jailbreak process.

Pangu 9 download notice

Pangu 9 is developed by Pangu team and distributed free. We do not hold any ownership or copyright of this tool. Pangu 9 is tested and certified by renowned jailbreak developers to be clean and working properly. Jailbreak your device at your own risk.

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Pangu is the leading Jailbreak developer since couple of years back. They released several updates for their tool targeting major iOS versions such as iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. The latest version of PP Pangu can jailbreak iOS 9.3.3.

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