Jailbreak iPhone 7

What is so good about jailbreaking your newest iPhone; iPhone 7? To have a clear idea of whether you need it or not you must have a basic idea of jailbreaking? As an Apple user, you must be aware that Apple has put software restrictions where you will prohibit to install several fascinating apps on your iphone7. But, by jailbreaking iPhone 7 you will be allowed to grab the root access to the iOS file system on your device. It will allow you to unlock network, access extensions, customize system files download and install new apps and themes that are previously restricted by Apple Store and third-party developers. After jailbreaking, you need to download and install Cydia to grab all these features on to your iPhone7.Cydia almost acts like the breathing system of a jailbroken iPhone.


Must Known Facts about Jailbreaking iPhone 7

  1. Legal stance of Jailbreaking iPhone 7

It is legal to jailbreak your iPhone 7 in the United States and most of the other countries. However, you don’t need to worry to keep a jailbroken iPhone7 since if Apple is going to take a legal stand against jailbreaking it will only affect the jailbreak developers.

  1. Will jailbreak affect the warranty status of your iPhone7?

No, if only you restore the iPhone settings before start jailbreaking process. You can restore the iPhone via iTunes before you proceed to jailbreak. Then after jailbreaking, you can restore your phone again into factory settings.

  1. Drawbacks of jailbreaking

Although the  jailbreaking process is a safe one, it could make your iPhone much vulnerable at attacks than the normal ones. After jailbreaking, your phone will become more unstable compared to its original version.

Step wise guide to Jailbreak iPhone 7

Follow these steps to jailbreak your iPhone 7 runs on iOS 10.

  1. It is highlighted that to Backing up your Device data in iPhone7 to iCloud, iTunes or any external hard device before you start with jailbreaking. Although Jailbreaking is not going to harm the iPhone7 s’ device data, it is advisable to keep your device safe just in case.
  2. Stay away from the ‘Over The Air’ method to update the firmware since some jailbreak methods don’t work with OTA.
  3. iTunes most recent version should be installed.
  4. Download any of your favorite jailbreak tools (Pangu, TaiG, Yalux, iH8sn0w, i0n1c ) which is compatible with the iPhone 7.

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