Checkra1n Jailbreak -The complete Guide

Checkm8 based Checkra1n Jailbreak is now the latest update we find in the jailbreak chapters serving up to iOS 13.3 with jailbreak and Cydia. The tool runs semi-tethered jailbreak with the only compatibility through a Mac computer. And as it is in beta at the moment, you may find various restrictions here under Checkra1n jailbreak. But if you still want to hands-on Checkra1n desperately, this is the complete instructional manuals.

Checkra1n Jailbreak Download

About Checkra1n Jailbreak Download

Checkra1n jailbreak is based on checkm8 exploit which is a bootrom exploit and known by everyone in the jailbreak community. As the exploit is a hardware bug that has no major connection with the iOS firmware. So here the advantage comes for the jailbreak developers where the chance is more exposed for them to work as Apple could not easily patch the exploit. In fact, if Apple is planning to patch the checkm8 hardware bug, they will have to recall all hardware the exploit put an impact on. But that is obviously impossible. So there Checkra1n Jailbreak is considered a big update to the jailbreak chapters with an expanding opportunity. To know everything about the tool, go through Checkra1n jailbreak features below.

  • Checkra1n jailbreak compatibility- The tool here runs semi-tethered jailbreak with compatibility through Mac. In fact, the tool here is Mac-only at this stage and will be updated to Windows and Linux in the times ahead
  • Checkra1n Download- You can download Checkra1n jailbreak tool for free from the official site or from a reliable download source. But for the time being, the tool is available in beta and confirming under development
  • Device and firmware support- Checkra1n supports iOS 12.3 to upper in jailbreaking. So it now confirms successful jailbreak iOS 13.3 through the latest beta update. And from the device compatibility, it serves up to iPhone X jailbreak as the tool only compatible through A5-A11 only
  • Package Manager support- Checkra1n jailbreak supports Cydia Download at the end of jailbreak processing. So once the process is over, you can install Cydia from Checkra1n loader app as the package manager

How to use Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 13?

If you are agreed to above Checkra1n jailbreak features and conditions, you can run the following manuals to complete jailbreak. Make sure you use a secondary device to run jailbreak here as the tool is in beta and may risk you in processing.

  • Step 1: Connect the iPhone and the Mac computer with a proper MFi-certified lightning cable
  • Step 2: Download Checkra1n tool with the available latest
  • Step 3: When done, double click to launch .dmg file
  • Step 4: Now drag checkra1n app to Application folder of Mac and open Mac’s application folder
  • Step 5: Right-click checkra1n app and select the option “show package contents”
  • Step 6: Hit Checkra1n > Contents > Mac OS and double click on checkra1n-gui
  • Step 7: Once you launched the app you can confirm the device connection here
  • Step 8: If done with it, continue to “Start”
  • Step 9: The tool will ask you to turn the device in DFU mode to process jailbreaking. So switch the device in DFU mode with a click on “Next”
  • Step 10: Once done, it will start jailbreaking automatically and will notify the progress on the screen

At the end of all processing, go to checkra1n loader and install Cydia.

Checkra1n Jailbreak Tool Updates

Checkra1n Jailbreak v0.9.7 is the latest update under Checkra1n jailbreak tool through which iOS 13.3 jailbreak support has confirmed to the public together with a number of fixes and improvements. With the brand new update, this Mac-centric jailbreak has won more attention as the tool process is said to be more stable and supportive. But it is still for A5-A11 device users only and under beta. If you have already jailbroken with any previous Checkra1n tool version, you can here reboot to exit from the jailbreak state and could re-jailbreak with the latest checkra1n tool version.

Developer Thanks

Special thanks go to axi0mX for Checkm8 exploit development and Luca Todesco @qwertyoruiopz and the whole team of checkr1n for all ongoing progress and rights to free Checkra1n Download.

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