Samsung is going to improve Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera with a software update

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultras should be the most powerful camera phone in the world but everything is not perfect. Following criticism from several reviewers, including Input and Mashable, who complained of unreliable automated attention, Samsung said the camera will be installed via a software update. A Samsung spokesperson said that the Galaxy S20 has a groundbreaking, advanced camera system. He also said that they are constantly working to optimize performance to give customers the best experience.

As part of this ongoing effort, they are working on a future update to improve the camera experience. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera is certainly powerful, along with 100x magnification and 8K video recording. But critics noted that Autofocus was slower than other flagship vehicles. It was slower than the iPhone 11 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy note 10.

Samsung S20 with the software update

Maybe Samsung can fix this by a software update. It can often speed up automatic focus, but we should wait for the update to see how it reflects the quality of the photos. In Korea, Samsung has already pushed for an update and there is also a YouTube video showing some improvement in automated attention. It is unclear whether this is the only update Samsung plans to release globally. Also, it is important to note that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra along with its S20 devices, is not really available yet. It will hit the stores on the 6th of March, giving Samsung a good amount of time to fine-tune the software.

Advantages of buying Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung’s expensive versions are the new Samsung Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. They are coming with Samsung’s new wireless Galaxy Buds. Ivan Blass who shared what looks like an official marketing image from Samsung announcing the deal. This is only valid for pre-orders. The standard version of the phone does not appear in the Galaxy S20 image. Galaxy Buds is a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which will be unveiled on the 11th of February, in line with the Galaxy S20 phone list at Samsung’s unpacked events. For better call clarity, but no active noise cancellation. Almost every detail is leaked prematurely in this case of phones. But Samsung is still hiding surprise things. Most of the unnamed sources are spreading a lot of information about these new launches of Samsung. They all will reveal in the month of March.  

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